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  Beyond the Classroom:
Applied Learning Fosters Innovation, Change
At Royal Roads University, we’re known for providing life-changing, world-class education in one of Canada’s most beautiful National Historic Sites.
But we’re more than a historic castle. Far beyond
the borders of Hatley Park, our students are making positive change in their home communities and around the world.
The Certificate in Cultural and Natural Resources Assessment, a unique program designed collaboratively with Kitselas First Nation near Terrace, B.C., is a perfect example. Over the course
of seven months, students learn the skills they need to perform assessments of natural and culturally significant resources and sites that may be affected by developments within their traditional territories. These applied, community-based skills are especially needed given the large-scale developments expected in Northwestern B.C. This is one of several we’ve co-created with community and with organizations to address specific and meaningful development needs.
Our Graduate Certificate in Corporate Social Innovation (p. 34) equips ‘intrapreneurs’ with the skills required to build social change into their organization’s business strategies. From adult literacy to waste reduction, there’s no shortage of complex
issues threatening environmental sustainability and social wellbeing. Businesses are well-positioned
to make real, sustainable change. In this program, students explore new ways of increasing corporate value that enables positive social change in their organizations, their communities, and the world.
Our applied research and real-world programming combines the very best of scholarship and practice while supporting organizations and communities
to continuously improve by responding to new and emerging challenges. Programs like these provide a unique experience that allow lifelong learners to find opportunities and skills to create positive change in their lives and work.
As a member of the Ashoka Changemaker Campus Network, a dynamic, global community of more than 40 universities and colleges committed to advancing social innovation and changemaking across their institution and beyond, Royal Roads University is proud of its commitment to providing life-changing experiences in the communities we serve, whether just outside our door or beyond. Positive change can happen anywhere, at any time, and it can start with you.
Beaver Story Pole, Village of Gitaus
Kitselas First Nation
Master Carver, Stan Bevan, Brian McKee and Darren Bolton
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