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   Executive Retreats
Certificate Courses (PG.4) ONLINE COURSES
     Advanced Project Management
Advanced Project Management is a three-day course that enables project team members to deliver successful projects on time, on budget and in scope. Participants will maximize their time in this course by having the option of working on components of their own project, or on one of their team members’ projects. This course provides a review of project management from initial contemplation to successful implementation while adding
to participants’ understanding of the complexities added through risk, stakeholder management, change and team development.
Facilitator: Dale Christenson Length: 3 days
Date: Wed, Feb 27 to Fri, Mar 1, 2019 Time: 9am-4:30pm
Cost: $1295 + applicable taxes
Advancing Health Leadership
Mapped to the LEADS Framework, Advancing Health Leadership is a five-day intensive program aimed at exploring the increasingly complex challenges facing the health sector. Engage in solving some of these complex problems with live case studies presented
by local, national and global healthcare organizations. Participants will explore dimensions of personal and strategic leadership, their role as catalysts for change, and the dynamics of shifting organizational culture. Immediately apply your learning and find new and innovative ways to advance health leadership.
Facilitator: Various
Length: Please refer to website
Date: Please refer to website for dates Time: Please refer to website
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