Page 31 - Professional and Continuing Studies Calendar, Fall 2018
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   General Studies
Certificate Courses (PG.4) ONLINE COURSES
      General Studies may be an option for students interested in taking one or
two credit-based courses but who are
not currently interested in seeking a credential. Students who successfully complete General Studies courses may
be eligible to transfer credit toward a certificate, diploma or degree upon formal admission to a program. Visit royalroads. ca/general-studies for a current list of the courses offered.
This course examines how psychology can enrich coaching and coaching practice, and explores a series of proven coaching techniques and interventions drawn from various schools of psychology. Students will garner evidence-based perspectives through which to observe and understand their coaching practice, and benefit from opportunities to deepen and broaden their practice. Prerequisites: eligible applicants will have completed prerequisite education in the field of coaching (e.g., the RRU Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching or an acceptable alternative).
Length: 9 weeks
Credits: 3
Delivery: Blended
This course is required for the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching Practices.

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