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Graduate Certi cate in Professional Communication Management
Whether it is managing social media, dealing with a crisis, or building relationships with stakeholders, the role of the corporate communication professional is more complex than ever. This graduate certi cate will improve your understanding of internal and external corporate communication, solidify your understanding of stakeholder and public relations and enable you to develop a deeper understanding of social media strategy and governance.
Length: 6 months Delivery: Blended
Graduate Certi cate in Environmental Education
and Communication
This leadership program focuses on developing the competency and skill
of educators and communicators who have an interest in, or responsibility for presenting environmental information
to audiences. This interdisciplinary program will build theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. The program will provide solid grounding in environmental studies and sustainability, learning theory, environmental education, educational program development, philosophical
and cultural analysis, journalism and communications.
Length: 5 months Delivery: Blended
Graduate Certi cate in Systems Leadership
in Higher Education
This is a seven-month, nine-credit program that provides graduates with the knowledge, skills, tools, and models to lead systems-oriented change in post- secondary institutions. The program will prepare students to develop the skills required to understand global trends and national perspectives and to take
a systems view of their organization, make evidence-based decisions, to think critically, plan strategically and lead meaningful educational change.
Length: 7 months Delivery: Online
Graduate Certi cate in Business Development in International Education
This is a seven-month, nine-credit program that focuses on the increasing need for educational leaders who can make sound and nimble business decisions about programs, policies, and practices related to international education. The program will help students develop the skills required to develop, grow, or manage international education programs aligned with the strategic interests of their educational organizations.
Length: 7 months Delivery: Online
Graduate Certi cate
in Instructional Design
Today’s corporate world and traditional education realms demand frontrunners who understand how to create instructional experiences that make the acquisition of knowledge interesting, productive, and useful. We’ve leveraged our expertise in instructional design to create a program to help you build on your academic knowledge as well as your professional experience. Learn how to master the theories and practical applications of today’s technology- enhanced learning environments.
Length: 7 months Delivery: Online
Graduate Certi cate
in Tourism Management
The world of tourism needs people
with advanced understanding of industry trends, the ability to develop and lead organizations and communities in a competitive global tourism marketplace. Tailor your program with courses online, on-campus, or both, to develop your marketing, strategy, and leadership skills, with the option to ladder into our Master of Arts in Tourism Management when you’re ready. Choose where you want your career to go.
Length: 3 to 18 months Delivery: Blended
Graduate Certi cate in Sustainable Community Development
Designed for working professionals seeking graduate-level education, this six-month blended certi cate in sustainable community development builds leadership, knowledge and practical experience through a real- world project and interdisciplinary approach to the social, ecological and economic implications of change at the community level. Delivered in partnership with the City of Victoria, you will explore principles and practices of systems thinking, decision- making and planning by engaging in real, socially-relevant projects at CityStudio,
a collaborative focused on co-created solutions to current community challenges.
Length: 6 months Delivery: Blended

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