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The Distinguished Speakers Series
Professional and Continuing Studies is delighted to bring you the foremost speakers on a variety of meaningful and relevant topics that affect our communities, organizations, and our world. We are pleased to con rm
the following distinguished speakers for
the upcoming year.
Adam Kahane is the best-selling author of Solving Tough Problems, Transformative Scenario Planning, and Power and Love. Nelson Mandela said of Solving Tough Problems, “This breakthrough book addresses the central challenge of our time:  nding a way to work together to solve
the problems we have created.” In 1991
and 1992, Adam facilitated the Mont Fleur Scenario Exercise, in which a diverse group of South Africans worked together to effect the transition to democracy. He has since led in uential cross-sectoral dialogue-and- action processes in more than 50 countries. During the early 1990s, Adam was head of Social, Political, Economic and Technological Scenarios for Royal Dutch Shell in London. He later held strategy and research positions with a number of corporations
and institutions.
Adam will join the School of Leadership Studies CONFERENCE 2017: DIVERSITY, CREATIVITY, AND POSSIBILITY
Date: Oct 5 to 7, 2017
Venue: Hotel Grand Paci c, Victoria, BC For more information:
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