Page 2 - Professional & Continuing Studies Calendar, Fall 2017
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Change is Everywhere.
It impacts our livelihoods, and entrenches the organizations
we work with and for. Our desire at Professional & Continuing Studies is to provide you with relevant, necessary, and impactful programming that allows you to forge your own path, whatever that looks like, and however long it takes.
New for this season, we have added more offerings of the courses you’ve told us you wanted: our suite of electives in the Integrated Mindfulness Certi cate has increased, as has the number of courses on change, resilience, leadership, and facilitation.
We’ve added more online and blended delivery offerings than ever before, allowing you greater  exibility in how, and when, you learn. We also increased the number of courses in ecology and sustainability because we believe a healthy environment leads to healthier organizations and healthier people.
For those of you asking “what’s next?”, many of our courses can connect to more expansive certi cates and full for-credit programs at RRU, so that your learning pathway grows with you. Change is a constant, and we believe learning is too. Whether personally or professionally, our upcoming Professional and Continuing Studies courses will provide you with more ways to learn – and allow you to create your own path.
Maybe it’s time to CHANGE your path. We look forward to seeing you along the way.
Best wishes,
Zoë MacLeod
Director of Professional and Continuing Studies

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