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Enhancing Performance through Feedback
In today’s fast paced work environment, we need to continually learn and evolve our collective skills to ensure effectiveness and success. As managers, our responsibility
is to support and develop our people to
be fully engaged and working at their
full potential. Good managers know how to provide feedback that is conducive to learning. A critical skill in achieving this is the art of providing a balance of reinforcing and constructive feedback with the goal of promoting mutual insight. This session will overview the facets of effective feedback, and provide opportunities for hands-on practice of these skills.
Facilitator: Paul Mohapel Length: 1 day
Date: Wed, Feb 14, 2018 Time: 9am-4:30pm
Cost: $325 + applicable taxes
Lead from Your Strengths
Every supervisor and manager is a leader, and one of the critical qualities of effective leaders is self-awareness. This course is an opportunity to step out of your busy daily life and re ect on the capabilities you bring to your role – namely your strengths! Learn the Situational Leadership Model (Hersey and Blanchard) and discover what power is and its relationship to leadership. Examine different leadership styles, motivational value systems and value relating styles through strength management and the self-worth model.
Facilitator: Doug Kerr Length: 1 day
Date: Thu, Feb 8, 2018
Time: 9am-4:30pm
Cost: $325 + applicable taxes
Leadership Focus: Dealing with Workplace Distractions In an era of unrelenting distractions, demands, and pressures, leaders now more than ever need to learn to sharpen focus in order to thrive in the complex world. Recent research suggests that as leaders move into more senior positions, their attention and social skills suffer. The hectic pace
of leading appears to be contributing to greater stress, poorer focus, and reduced productiveness. This course will utilize
cutting-edge research to reveal how the ability to focus distinguishes “stars” from average performers.
Facilitator: Paul Mohapel Length: 1 day
Date: Tue, Jan 23, 2018 Time: 9am-4:30pm
Cost: $325 + applicable taxes
Level Up Your Leadership
This online course is designed to be an effective and easily accessible four-week journey of discovery with other leaders. Anyone can Level Up their Leadership, no matter where you stand in your professional journey. You will gain clarity on your authentic leadership style, identify strengths you could maximize, gather feedback on your leadership impact and develop an action plan for further development. This course is available whenever you are, via your mobile device or computer.
Facilitator: Dave Whittington Length: 4 weeks
Date: Mon, Mar 19 to Sun, Apr 15, 2018 Time: 9am-4:30pm
Cost: $499 + applicable taxes
Leveraging Your
Leadership Strengths
Recent research has revealed that successful people invest more in developing their innate strengths and talents, and pay close attention to what intrinsically energizes them. Conventional approaches of  xing weaknesses have shown to be ultimately ineffective, leading only to individual and organizational mediocrity. This course offers ways for leaders to identify and leverage the strengths of their people to increase work engagement and innovation. You will learn to identify and advocate for your personal strengths using pragmatic strategies.
Facilitator: Paul Mohapel
Length: 2 days
Date: Thu, Feb 1 and Fri, Feb 2, 2018 Time: 9am-4:30pm
Cost: $495 + applicable taxes
Optimizing Change
We don’t actually manage change per se. At best, we manage to manage ourselves and a few of the variables that swirl around us. We can, however, facilitate change; that is,
in uence its speed, direction, and impact by our thoughtful actions, and optimize opportunities that arise. Speci cally for leaders in organizations to lead through change, this course will provide a few
core models and some practical skills in working effectively in the midst of ongoing, accelerating  ux and change.
Facilitator: Beth Page
Length: 4 weeks
Date: Please refer to website for dates Time: Asynchronous
Cost: $499 + applicable taxes
Organizational Change Management – Preparing Your People for Change Implementation
Virtually every organization – whether public, private, not-for-pro t – is responsible for implementing changes to structures, processes, or technology from time to
time. Employing an effective and pragmatic approach can reduce risk and cost, and supports the successful implementation
and long-term adoption change, and the achievement of the change objectives.
This course is an action-oriented workshop that provides participants with a mix
of organizational change management theory and practical methodologies
for documenting, and planning for, organizational change implementation.
Facilitator: Jon Donald
Length: 3 days
Dates: Tue, May 29 to Thu, May 31, 2018 Cost: $795 + applicable taxes
Servant Leadership
In this interactive and experiential workshop, we will explore what it takes to be a 21st century leader – a Servant Leader! Learn how to lead your team through stressful projects while remaining thoughtful, empathetic and inclusive. This course is designed for leaders
and practicing managers who want to create a work environment conducive
to collaboration and long-term success.
Facilitator: Gita Badiyan
Length: 2 days
Date: Thu, Apr 19 and Fri, Apr 20, 2018 Time: 9am-4:30pm
Cost: $495 + applicable taxes
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