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The implementation of curriculum development and teaching strategies that reinforce the social constructivist view
of learning at RRU is supported by a robust teaching philosophy collaboratively developed by faculty and staff. This philosophy indicates that, at Royal Roads University, faculty members
and academic staff:
• share a passion for learning and teaching;
• value students as individuals who bring expertise and
life experience to their education, and support them as they construct knowledge in a personally relevant way and enhance their lifelong learning skills;
• focus on applied and professional learning and integrate research into the curriculum;
• are experts in many substantive areas of knowledge
and take steps to share this knowledge in ways that do not interfere with the adult student responsibility to learn
and re ect for themselves;
• are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and in current adult learning theory;
Figure 3: RRU Teaching Philosophy
• know how to use appropriate learning technologies for the desired learning objectives;
• believe that teaching is a critically re ective practice; • foster learning environments that are respectful,
welcoming and inclusive;
• facilitate learning experiences that are authentic,
challenging, collaborative and engaging;
• model and encourage academic integrity;
• aspire, as lifelong learners, to create experiences
where new learning changes all members of the learning community and where students contribute meaningfully to the learning of others; and
• actively participate in the university’s global learning community.
This teaching philosophy is complemented by the ways
in which our programs are designed, our courses are developed and taught, and our students are supported.
RRU teaching Philosophy
• Demonstrate passion for learning
• Value students
• Focus on applied research-informed learning
• Share expertise
• Know how to use learning technologies
• Viewteachingandlearningascriticallyre ectivepractices
• Create learning conditions that are respectful, welcoming and inclusive
• Support lifelong transformative education
• Facilitate authentic, challenging, collaborative and engaging learning experiences
• Model and encourage academic integrity
• Actively participate in the RRU learning community
Royal Roads University Learning and Teaching Model 13

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