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Royal Roads is committed to improving
transportation options that reduce
greenhouse gas emissions. — Branden Kellar, BSc in Environmental Science Graduate
On-road transportation is responsible for 58 per cent of the GHG emissions produced annually in the province of B.C.4 In an effort to address this issue,
the students, staff and faculty from Royal Roads are changing the way they travel to campus. Increases in carpooling, public transit use and active transportation (cycling and walking) have led to a 27 per cent reduction in single occupant vehicle (SOV) travel
to campus since 2007.
Through the leadership of the Royal Roads University Student Association (RRUSA), full time on-campus students now receive a Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass), which provides full access to public transit at a reduced cost. In addition, our Recreation Centre now offers a low-cost bicycle rental program for
the campus community and greater monetary investments have been made in cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. Applied learning projects from the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science programs will continue to inform the university’s transportation policy and program development.
Over the next  ve years, we will continue to promote options, develop incentive programs and improve amenities for environmentally friendly and safe commuting. We will update Royal Roads’ parking policy to re ect our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our transportation choices.
4 B.C. Government (February 10, 2014). Community energy & emissions inventory for the Capital Regional District. Retrieved from http://www. capital_regional_district.pdf
100 80 60 40 20 0
Portion (%) of RRU community travelling to campus in single occupant vehicles in 2007 and 2013 and our target for 2020
50% 2007 2013 2020
Indicator: Transportation mode split Target: 13% further reduction by 2020
Increase in the use of alternative commuting options (%) in 2013 vs 2007 baseline
33% 33%
Car Pool
Public Transit
Indicator: Use of alternative transportation modes Target: 10% increases in alternatives by 2020
Greenhouse gas emissions have been recognized by the International Panel on Climate Change as one of the main drivers of global climate change. Royal Roads University aims to reduce the impact of our community’s commute on the atmosphere.
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