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Our purchasing practices re ect our
commitment to environmental, social
and economic sustainability. — Nancy Wilkin, Director, Of ce of Sustainability
Royal Roads University is a member of the Administrative Service Delivery Transformation (ASDT) Initiative and the Joint Procurement Consortium
which provides post-secondary institutions in BC with procurement opportunities that improve ef ciencies and reduce costs. In addition, Royal Roads staff
have taken the initiative in sourcing and purchasing ‘green’ products whenever feasible. From paper,
of ce supplies and equipment to cleaning supplies
and appliances, most of the products we buy are an environmentally friendly choice.
Truf es Catering, our food services provider at the Habitat Café and at events, received gold certi cation for their sustainable practices from the Vancouver Island Green Business Certi cation organisation. Some of Truf es’ practices include the use of 100 per cent compostable to-go containers, recyclable or compostable food packaging and ‘green’ cleaning products.
Fleet vehicle fuel consumption and associated emissions have increased over the last  ve years,
and represent an opportunity for improvement.
We will work to ensure that new  eet vehicle purchases have better fuel economy than the vehicle replaced.
Moving forward, we will establish a sustainable procurement policy as mandated by the university’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. Such a procurement policy will include developing a vendors’ code of conduct, and will allow for the exploration of centralized purchasing for the university.
100 80 60 40 20 0
80000 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000
Environmentally Responsible Purchases (%)
Of ce Equipment
Cleaning Supplies
Indicator: Environmentally Responsible Purchasing Target: 100% in all categories by 2020
Annual Fuel & Offset Costs ($) and GHG Emissions (kg CO2e) for Fleet
48820 kg CO2e
2009 2010
Associated GHG Emissions
73150 kg CO2e
2011 2012 2013
Annual Fuel & Offset Costs
Indicator: Emissions and fuel usage of  eet vehicles Target: 11% reduction by 2020
Royal Roads accepts the responsibility as a consumer to in uence positive change within the market by demanding products that are produced in a more environmentally and socially responsible manner. Sourcing more sustainably produced goods will mitigate the impact of our university’s operations and will help to increase demand
for these products within the supply chain.
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