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Energy conservation started as a team
culture and continues to prosper.
— Stewart Ralph, Director, Physical and Environmental Resources
Royal Roads University achieved carbon neutrality in 2010 through the purchase of carbon offsets as mandated by the Province of B.C.’s Carbon Neutral Government program.
The university has achieved a reduction in energy usage of 26 per cent and a reduction in GHG emissions of 22 per cent while expanding our built environment and educational programs.
We have attained these reductions by implementing energy ef ciency retro ts throughout the campus, eliminating the use of fuel oil in our buildings,
and though energy conservation efforts by our campus community.
Through the province’s newly formed Carbon Neutral Capital program, Royal Roads has received funding to install additional energy ef ciency technologies. These retro ts will further reduce the overall GHG reductions to 29 per cent compared to our 2007 emissions baseline.
Over the next  ve years we will rely on our campus and community partnerships to build on our success towards further reductions in our energy consumption and GHG emissions.
60000 50000 40000 30000
40897 GJ
36046 m2
2009 2010
59126 m2
33267 GJ
Royal Roads University GHG Emissions (t CO2e) and Emission Reductions vs. 2007 Baseline (%) for 2007-2013 and Projected Reductions from CNCP Projects (dashed lines).
2000 1500 1000
0          -35%
1558tCO2 e 1212tCO2 e 1102tCO2 e
Reduction Vs. Baseline
GHG Emissions
0 -5% -10% -15% -20% -25% -30%
Indicator: Annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions Target: 11% further reduction by 2020
Energy consumption (GJ) and area of built environment (m2)
Built Environment
Energy Consumption
2011 2012
Indicator: Energy consumption per square meter Target: Maintain energy consumption per square meter
We acknowledge that the energy we use to heat our buildings and power our classrooms has an impact on the environment. Our ultimate goal is to mitigate the extent to which our activities contribute to the changes in our global climate change.
Sustainability Plan 3
Emission Reduction Vs. Baseline (2007)

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