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“As a public university, we not only provide educational services to students from
over 60 countries, we have an added responsibility to protect these lands for generations to come, and to live in harmony with the land and the community.”
Allan Cahoon, President, Royal Roads University
As our university looks forward to increasing student enrolment numbers and with the construction of a new academic building,
we will make a concerted and collaborative effort to meet the targets of the sustainability plan. As the previous  ve years have shown, the square metres of building space has increased, as did the student numbers, even though the energy and emissions continued to decrease. The key to this success was the requirement to build at a LEED gold level. Our commitment to building at this level,
or equivalent will need to continue into the future at Royal Roads University.
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science student projects completed in 2015 will provide Royal Roads with a  ve-year invasive species plan and research to foster the sense of place in our Teaching and Learning Model. Such projects are opportunities for collaboration with and incorporating Indigenous and Metis traditional knowledge into Royal Roads management practices – key elements in our quest to live
in harmony with the community and the environment at Royal Roads.
Royal Roads University is on track to meet the provincially legislated target of a 33 per cent
GHG emissions reduction by 2020. We will work toward meeting the board of governors’
target of a 50 per cent reduction by 2020 –
the latter will require an investment into new data on alternative sources of power for the university, and in the potential of linking to the proposed Colwood Resource Recovery Centre. New initiatives in composting and recycling will meet the 80 per cent diversion rate target for waste on campus. Outside recycling bins will be added to the recycling infrastructure, as well as consistent branding throughout the buildings. In addition, recycling education and the very popular Recycle Olympics will be held annually for all students, staff and faculty.
As the on-campus student population grows
at Royal Roads, the bus service will need
to improve to meet the demand created by
the student U-Pass. An online Royal Roads carpooling forum will be established next
year, improving the ability of students, staff
and faculty, to connect for ride sharing. We
will increase campus cycling infrastructure
such as covered bike racks, bike  x-it stations, ventilated lockers and pedestrian/bike pathways. We will also expand the successful bike rental program. With the rising value of bikes on campus, there is a demand growing
for secure bike storage on campus, thus a business case will be completed over the next year to determine the feasibility of this initiative, with its implementation in 2016.
In 2016/17, we will submit our third report to AASHE for ranking with STARS, with a plan to move from the current gold ranking to platinum.
Such a ranking should be possible with the success in meeting the targets outlined in the ten focus areas in the new sustainability plan.
To foster a sustainable, respectable working relationship with the local nations, Royal Roads University acknowledges the historical aspects of this area. We will look at what the university can do today, and with the support of the nations’ provide protocol and historical teachings. The foundation of this work is an on-going reconciliation framework that bridges between the academic institutions and the nations.
The work we do today will impact the next generations to follow.
Royal Roads University has been a leader
in sustainability. Substantial progress has
been made in meeting our goals of the  rst sustainability plan. This new sustainability
plan sets targets for our continued sustainability success, by establishing the baseline for moving forward with continued excellence.
For more information please contact:
Of ce of Sustainability
Royal Roads University 250.391.2600
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