Page 8 - Convocation Fall 2017
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Universities are rich in tradition and ceremony and at no time is this more apparent than at convocation, when the university community comes together to celebrate the conferral of degrees upon new graduates.
Many early European universities originated within the church in the medieval period, and this is reflected in convocation’s strong ecclesiastical connection. The chancellor presides over convocation and draws her title from the person who was the head of the theological faculty of these early universities. As the head of the chancery, the chancellor had the responsibility of examining students prior to their receiving degrees. Over the ages, the role of the chancellor has changed. Today, the Royal Roads chancellor, who also chairs the Board of Governors, is the person empowered by the provincial government to confer degrees and oversee the direction of the university.
Universities have undergone dramatic changes over the past 900 years. Today, as universities break down barriers of background, income and geography to welcome lifelong students to education, the convocation ceremony reminds us of the strong traditions that reach back to the very different world of medieval learning. In the 21st century, lifelong students require universities to keep pace with the changing times. Royal Roads University is proud to be a leader in this new generation.

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