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In establishing Royal Roads University through the Royal Roads University Act in 1995, the Province of British Columbia created a unique university with a mandate to offer applied and professional certificate, diploma and degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in response to the labour market needs of the province.
The government constituted Royal Roads University with unicameral governance, rather than the bicameral governance structure typical of traditional universities, where a board is responsible for administrative governance and a senate is responsible for academic governance. The Royal Roads University Board of Governors carries the responsibilities of a traditional university board and senate together, and at Royal Roads the board chair also holds the position of chancellor. This governance structure enables the university to respond quickly and efficiently to the changing needs of the communities it serves.
Appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
Liz Bicknell
Kathleen Birney (Board Chair and Chancellor) Vern Slaney
Wayne Strandlund
Appointed by the Royal Roads University Board of Governors
Dave Byng
Vice-Admiral (Retired) Bruce Donaldson, CMM, CD
Elected by Employees Cindy Brar
Elected by Faculty Jennifer Walinga, PhD
Elected by Students Maria Anderson
Allan Cahoon, PhD (Royal Roads University President and Vice-Chancellor)

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