Page 12 - Professional and Continuing Studies Calendar, Fall 2018
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   Professional Advancement
Certificate Courses (PG.4) ONLINE COURSES
       Applied Communication
Addressing Communication Challenges at Work
Communicate as a leader, resolve difficult communication challenges in the workplace and design powerful communication tools, systems and processes in this professional communication training program. Topics
will include leadership communication, overcoming interpersonal and organizational communication challenges, developing
a communication plan and learning new tools, systems and mechanisms for change, innovation, efficiency and alignment.
Facilitator: Jennifer Walinga Length: 1 day
Date: Mon, Feb 11, 2019 Time: 9am-4:30pm
Cost: $249 + applicable taxes
Communicating with Clarity & Impact: Professional Writing, Public Speaking
& Presentation Skills
If you understand that writing, speaking and presentation have the power to engage, move and transform, then join us for this two-day course in professional writing, public speaking and presentation skills. Learn the tools and principles of writing, speaking and presenting through the five C’s of effective communication. Through practice, overcome performance anxiety and learn to speak (pitch and interview), write (letters, essays, reports and proposals) and present (PowerPoint, demonstration and instruction) professionally using media- enhanced communication.

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