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“I have grown so much as a person. The content of my studies has really opened my eyes to the ‘real world’ and
has challenged me to question everything. Before, I was so ingrained to just accept things as they are and there was a large quantity of ‘black and white’. RRU has taught me there is colour in the world and changes can be made, and I can be part of those changes.
Studying at Royal Roads is so much more than the classroom. It’s a life experience that will follow you. With classes being taught by people actually working in the  eld, learning was happening in ‘real time’ with real life situations and examples. This program changed me as a person. It helped me discover things about myself I didn’t know existed. Now, after being able to help myself, I can take it forward to help others.”
Julianne Thorne
BA in Justice Studies
OUR Process
Because the future is always on our doorstep, Royal Roads University continues to chart its own course by building on a  rmly established foundation of success based upon its unique mandate.
The drivers of change are many and have combined in a pressing call to action for the university sector. Shifts in demographics, new partnerships, changing research agendas, sustainable funding, applied focus and the internationalization of education are just a few of the many challenges pressing on our sector.
Our success is more certain because of the strength of our  nancial model. We operate under a business model that requires us to be ef cient (cost conscious), accountable, performance management driven, service-oriented, respectful and adheres to high levels of integrity. Unlike many post- secondary institutions, Royal Roads University carries no operating debt.
We must continually respond to the demands of the marketplace and the needs of our students. Our opportunities for growth are intrinsically tied to our  nancial strength.
OUR People
We collaborate, linking active minds with the present and urgent needs of communities. Our work helps organizations meet their challenges and thrive.
For instance, as our population ages and we experience greater transition in the workplace, studies point to the emergence
of a diversi ed workforce populated by people with highly variant value sets and abilities. An examination of this new and evolving intergenerational workplace has only just begun.
We are committed to developing an engaged workforce based on transparency, empowerment, trust and pride that encourages new ideas and new approaches to learning and teaching. We are building a high performance work culture that is focussed on the success of our students.
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