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“I chose to return to school for a few different reasons. The  rst was that I enjoy my
work in health promotion and wanted to enhance my professional skills. Another reason was to increase my employability.
Today, my work involves collaborating with Indigenous communities and organizations to plan health promotion activities, including walking challenges, tobacco cessation education and healthy
living groups. The MA in Interdisciplinary Studies program allowed me to
build a degree about project management and community development while conducting research in the areas of community engagement
and healthy living. From the  rst course and throughout the entire program, my RRU education helped me with my personal and professional development.”
Tracy Steere
MA in Interdisciplinary Studies
Global citizenship is inclusive and active. It is founded in the educational experience by ensuring that our campus is diverse and welcoming in all ways. It opens pathways for all people at Royal Roads University to become immersed in learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom, to support
a deeper understanding of values, attitudes and knowledge.
We will continue to offer programs that provide pathways for international and domestic students to complete undergraduate and graduate programs, providing increased opportunities for both our international students and for communities closer to home.
Our future growth will continue to be founded on the strong interplay between collaborative, experiential and applied learning. The development of our programs will continue
to respond to the needs of society. We will support our learners to function effectively and excel in an increasingly intergenerational and cross-cultural workplace.
Royal Roads research does more than help solve the challenges facing organizations and communities; it creates hands-on, relevant opportunities for real life learning.
As part of their degree requirements, most of our students work with businesses, governments and other organizations to address challenges and opportunities and look for new ways to promote value by applying those lessons in their own careers.
Our Canada Research Chairs focus their research in the areas of sustainable communities, livelihoods and the environment and innovative learning. Research leads to discovery, which then informs our teaching to ensure we are always at the forefront of learning and change.
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