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Royal Roads University Advancement | Fall 2017
learning grants drive local growth
Applying new skills and learning to local challenges in the communities where our students live—that’s at the heart of Royal Roads’ educational model. Yet many local small business and non-pro t organizations are unable to afford the expertise they need to thrive.
A generous three-year partnership with RBC is helping Royal Roads level that playing  eld, putting much needed resources into the community and enriching the earning opportunities available to students.
Paula Lewis is a MA Tourism student and a RBC Community Integrated Learning Grant recipient. She worked with CREST (Center for Responsible Travel), a non-pro t research organization dedicated to increasing the positive impacts of responsible tourism by helping people to develop sound, evidence-based policies.
Hayley is off to start a new adventure!
Team member Hayley Bennett Ortner w5ill be leaving in December to return to Kamloops, BC and start her family.
We’ll miss you, Hayley!
surprising things you may (or may not) know about Hayley
1. Hayley has lived in Asia—twice! First in Shanghai, China and then in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2. While in Taiwan, Hayley and her husband Ross adopted a street dog named Formosa who returned with them to Canada.
3. Hayley enjoys distance running. “Flash” came in with a category top 5 time in Victoria’s 10K . Her favorite marathon (so far) has been in Dublin, Ireland.
4. Hayley rides a dirt bike.
5. Hayley originally studied to be a pastry chef (and that is still her retirement plan)!
Your contribution to Royal Roads can have a lasting impact in so many ways.
To explore your goals for giving, please contact our advancement team:
250-391-2529 | 1 866 207-0080
“A lot of times we focus on environmental impact, but we also have to look at the impact on the community—the lives of the people who live there every day.”
Meet: Paula Lewis
Helping you make a difference when you travel
I come from Grenada, an island that is dependent on tourism. For most of my life, tourism has been a focus for me and my community.
For my work term, I wanted to use
and to improve my expertise in the tourism industry, particularly in the areas of responsible and ethical travel. Like a lot of students, I also needed to support myself and my family. The RBC Community Integrated Learning Grant made all the difference—it provided the  nancial means for me to achieve my full potential while working at CREST. That experience has been a life-changing opportunity.
Not only did my work term expand my understanding of responsible and sustainable travel, it also enhanced my research skills. I had the chance to contribute to several projects, but one that stands out is a report that used the carbon footprints created by different organizations.
In school, you use information that has already been reviewed rigourously. During my
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