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The Fine Print
REFUND POLICY: Registration fee refunds will be processed as follows:
FULL REFUND will be issued with proper noti cation (telephone contact, email, fax or letter – not voicemail) of withdrawal received 10 or more full business days before the  rst day of the course. If a course is cancelled by the University, you will receive a full refund of fees paid.
50% REFUND will be issued if noti cation of cancellation falls between 6-9 full business days prior to the course start date.
NO REFUND will be issued if noti cation of withdrawal is received 5 or less full business days before the start of the course.
The Director of Continuing Studies (or designate) will review exceptions to the above-noted refund rules only as they pertain to medical and family emergencies on an individual basis. Please review our full refund policy on our website.
REGISTRATION PROCESS: Registrations are processed in the order that they are received. Please register at least 1 week prior to the course start date. Some courses  ll up quickly while others may be postponed or cancelled due to insuf cient enrolment or circumstances beyond our control.
WITHDRAWAL OF COURSES: Professional and Continuing Studies reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or postpone courses listed in its publications. Should a course be withdrawn, cancelled or postponed, you will receive a full refund of the fees paid and, when applicable, be placed on a callback list for a subsequent offering of that course.
CONFIRMATION: You will receive a con rmation email a few days prior to the start date of your course. Details will include speci c class times, building and room numbers, suggestions of what
to bring and directions with a map of the campus. Please be sure to include a phone number where you can be reached day or evening, and email address when registering.
FORM T2202A: T2202As are issued, for qualifying courses attended in a year, by 28 February of the following year. A student enrolled in a credit program at RRU will receive a single, consolidated T2202A. A student enrolled only in qualifying PCS courses in a year will receive a T2202A via the email address on  le.
Please Note: Form T2202A reports only the tuition paid and the number of months the student is enrolled in a qualifying educational program; it does not provide assurance that the student is eligible
for the tuition, education, or textbook credit or for a scholarship exemption, nor does it provide assurance that the student is eligible to participate in the Lifelong Learning Plan. Each student must determine if he or she is eligible for these tax incentives according to his or her own circumstances. For further details, refer to the resource material located on Canada Revenue Agency’s web site for students or consult your tax advisor.
All courses are subject to applicable taxes unless exempt by CRA policy. If you or your company are tax exempt, we require a statement requesting exemption on company letterhead to accompany your registration and payment.
CAMPUS ACCESSIBILITY: Please note that two
of our heritage buildings, including Hatley Castle, have areas that are not easily accessible to persons who use wheelchairs. Please call the Professional and Continuing Studies of ce at 250.391.2513 for more information and assistance before registering.
AND/OR COURSES: The programs of study that
our calendar lists and describes are available for
the year(s) to which the calendar applies. They may not necessarily be available in later years. If the university must change the content of programs
of study or withdraw them, all reasonable possible advance notice and alternative instruction will be given where possible. The university reserves the right to change or alter the content of courses, instructors and instructional assignments, enrolment limitations, and prerequisites. The university will not, however, be liable for any loss, damages, or other expenses that such changes might cause.
ENROLMENT LIMITATIONS: The university makes every reasonable effort to project and plan enrolment to strike a practicable balance between available instructional resources and quality instruction.
At times the number of students exceeds the instructional resources that we can reasonably make available and in such cases, we must reserve the right to limit enrolment in the programs or courses listed in the calendar and to withdraw courses for which enrolment or resources are insuf cient. In the event
of a course becoming full, the student may indicate an interest in being placed on a waitlist and/or on a callback list for a future offering of that course. The University will not be liable for any loss, damages, or other expenses that such limitations or withdrawals might cause.
FEES AND OTHER CHARGES: The university reserves the right to alter the fees and other charges described in the calendar and on the website. The University will not be liable for any loss, damages, or other expenses that such changes might cause.
REGULATIONS AND POLICIES: In registering for study, the student assumes certain responsibilities to the University and, if registered, shall be subject to all rules, regulations and policies for students
as amended from time to time. University rules, regulations and policies are available for review
on our website. We reserve the right to deny any registration where appropriate. Professional and Continuing Studies at Royal Roads welcomes everyone 18 years and older (and in those courses designed for all ages, children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult), on an open admission basis.
EMERGENCY UNIVERSITY CLOSINGS: Bulletins of emergency closings due to poor weather conditions are available by calling the Security of ce at 250.391.2525 or checking the website at www.
CAMPUS SECURITY: RRU Security of ce is located on the main  oor of the Millward Building and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. For an emergency, call 250.391.2525 or pick up any campus phone and dial 2525. This should be your  rst response in any emergency.
PARKING: There are several parking options at Royal Roads with pay parking in effect in all areas at all times:

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